Branded Video Content Strategy

What is Branded Video?

A video that illustrates a singular idea (“Single Mindedness”) or concept that you want to own inside yours prospect’s mind!

Your digital video must be an extension of your company’s brand.

What is Video ROI

This is simply our mission to create video that has a positive / measurable result for your business!

Our Branded Video Content Strategy

Step #1: Define Your Goals

We start first with defining your company’s digital marketing goals and objectives with your campaign.  This is accomplished during the initial kick off meeting to review your company’s brand.

Step #2: Persona Development

This is where we develop one or multiple personas based on your ideal client(s).  Your buyer personas will help you define your audience – their challenges, questions, needs, and the kind of content they like to consume.  Most importantly, what keeps them up at night!

Step #3: Creative Design

Once we establish the persona for your target customer, we begin developing the creative process through treatments, scripts and storyboards. Our copywriters and creative directors will develop the story that will address your customer’s deepest needs. The final creative will be representative of your brand and target your key customer persona.

Step #4: Production

This is where we put the creative into action. Whether it is designing a 3D animated video, producing a live action video (either in studio or on location) or both. Our experienced team will take your creative and develop a final product that will match both your vision and brand.

Step #5: Digital Marketing

Now it is time to promote your newly created videos!
Typically, a combination of both an organic and paid strategy is the most effective!
Our 5 step digital strategy that includes Video Channel creation on multiple platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat), SEO through meta tagging, keywords and titling of individual videos, landing page creation (with high conversion) and a paid strategy to direct leads to your landing page through various digital and social platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Step #6: Measure, Rinse, Repeat

Finally, we will measure all traffic to your videos or landing pages, time spent, bounce rate, and conversion rate. We will continuously measure and fine tune the process until it reaches the target conversion rate. | 480.237.1267 |