October 1, 2019

Production Manager, Project Manager, and Administrator is all things Point in Time and all things for Point in Time. I hope you’re sitting down, because you’re about to get a maximum dose of enthusiasm and drive from someone who, no hyperbole, loves what she does. Most of us have a fascination for how films are […]

September 20, 2019

You can’t go without client testimonials. Yes, it’s nice when someone writes one up for you to post on your website. But unfortunately, people tend not to trust those very much and can be rather dry and repetitive. You need your valued clients in the flesh testifying why your company made them happy. If you’re […]

June 14, 2019

How Rami Kalla Created Point in Time Studios and Broke into the Multimedia Industry Corporate America When I took my first job out of school, working for the Fortune 500 company, General Mills, I thought that I was set for life. I had imagined myself working up the corporate ladder to an Executive position in […]

June 13, 2019

An incredible 2,530 projects were completed in greater Phoenix in 2018. source Small and large businesses alike are recognizing the necessity of including video in their marketing portfolios and the cruciality of video to their branding efforts. Consequently, the video production industry is growing, and in a big way. Predictions state a 22 billion dollar increase in the digital video advertising industry across the US between last year and 2021.

October 2, 2018

Marketing in the real estate industry has changed drastically in the last decade, from mailers to virtual video. Check out the latest statistics on what’s most effective in video marketing your real estate property. The perceived value of a home is 11% higher when the listing includes a video tour. Including video in emails doubles […]