Point In Time Studios believes highly in success through education, and would not be what it is today without formal education at the college level.

Our Point In Time team has degrees in fields all across the board specific to making our company what it is today.  With skills ranging from marketing to animation, our team is thankful for everyone who has guided them on their path to success.

A college education could be very costly; paying for tuition, books, housing and other expenses can add up fast.  About 70% of college students are already in substantial debt by the time they graduate.

We at Point In Time Studios firmly believe in the importance of education and are dedicated to helping our youth be able to fulfill their dreams.  By creating our Point In Time Studios Scholarship we are doing just that.

Point In Time Studios will be awarding two students with $250 to put towards education expenses such as tuition or books.  The first award going to a high school senior attending college in the fall, and the second to a current university student of any age.

The scholarships will be awarded to the student who can best describe the importance of the arts in our schoolsin just one thousand words or less, written in either APA or MLA format, while fitting into the following criteria:


  1. A student graduating high school and attending either community college or a university this fall OR
  2. A full time student taking at least 12 credits per semester in good standing
  3. A resident in Arizona
  4. Displays outstanding effort towards, as well as having the desire to better themselves through, education


  1. Two $250 scholarships will be awarded to whomever Point In Time Studios sees fit based upon submitted essays
  2. Submission deadline is August 1, 2016 for students attending university in Fall, December 1, 2016 for those attending in Spring