TeszMillan Bio


FAVORITE COLOR: Green when I don’t convince myself it should be purple.
FAVORITE FOOD: I eat EVERYTHING, although I don’t quite look like I do.
FAVORITE MOVIE: My favorite movie of all time is “Joe vs. The Volcano” (the first and BEST Tom Hanks – Meg Ryan film evah).

Profession: Copywriter


I am in love with words that bring out the best in people and their passions, whether they are leading a multi-billion dollar business, chairing a big fundraiser, or saving chihuahuas. I got my Honors Degree in Communication Studies from UCLA (Go Bruins!), but before I moved back to Phoenix to be a writer, I was actually living in Germany working as a professional singer. I had the great fortune of starring in musical productions like Miss Saigon and Mamma Mia! At Point in Time, I’ve found myself not only writing a ton of ultra fun and highly informative video scripts, but have also been wrangled in to help come up with some wild and zany ideas for new cutting edge videos that get the point across while keeping people interested past the 6 second time marker. To say the least, I have a blast working with the PnT crew as their Master Wordsmith.

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