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In the realm of hospitality & gaming, the guest reigns supreme, and at Point in Time Studios, our mission is to cater to your unique needs. From grand opening spectacles and eye-catching out-of-home advertising to showcasing luxurious amenities, thrilling nightclubs, and exciting casino floors, our creative teams are primed to deliver the bespoke digital media that will elevate your business’s presence.

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The Best in the Game

Hospitality & gaming marketing and storytelling is a specialty unto itself and needs a certain combination of skills and experience. At Point in Time, we have the years of experience needed to make your 3D animation, VR/AR, and videos captivating.

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Know that your company is getting 22+ years of experience in hospitality & gaming video production.


Working with leaders in the hospitality & gaming space means we have critical industry insight needed to make you stand out.


Having our finger on the hospitality pulse helps us create unique, sensational content for our clients.

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Hospitality & Gaming Projects

Gila River Resorts and Casinos Top Golf Swing Suite Image
Gila River Resorts and Casinos Top Golf Swing Suite
Gila River Resorts and Casinos The Legends Party 2023 Image
Gila River Resorts and Casinos The Legends Party 2023
Sante Virtual Reality Real Estate
prime 1
Gila River Prime Brunch
Gila River Resorts Casinos LED Corner Screens
Gila River Resorts & Casinos LED Corner Screens
Gila River AR Screenshot
Gila River Resorts & Casinos Oasis AR
LED Vertical Screen
Gila River Resorts & Casinos LED Vertical Screens
pnt video
Gila River Resort and Casino Vertical Screens
SubtextLocal Fly Through 2022
Hospitality & Gaming Leaders Trust Us
Our content strategy and video production in the student and multi-family housing space are unmatched. We worked alongside Core Spaces to deliver engaging marketing videos to meet their leasing goals. Hear what Richard at Core Spaces has to say about the quality of our team.
Richard Lasek, Core Spaces Director of Experiential
Our VR capabilities are fully immersive, providing our clients with endless opportunities to share their stories and sell their products. We worked with Santé Realty Investments on their VR project for an international trade show experience. Hear what our client, Javier, says about working with our team.
Javier Del Caprio, Santé International Project Manager
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Industry Leaders Trust Us

asset living 1
axon lockup black 1
core spaces 1
landmark properties 1 1
peak campus 5 1
rise a real estate company 1 1
trinitas 1
valeo groupe 1 1
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Our Services

We offer a range of services that can enhance your videos and create something your company is proud to share.

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Video Production

From testimonials to training and everything in between, our full-service video production teams have you covered

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Immersive VR/AR

Redefine marketing, events, and entertainment with VR’s 360° videos and create dynamic in-person engagement with AR holograms.

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3D Animation

From 2D to 3D, animation is a popular way to market your business on social media and direct marketing campaigns

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