Different Types of Video Production

man operating camera on a shoot depicting the different types of video production available

Though marketing videos are often lumped into one general category, there are different video production types that can be utilized. Each type offers different benefits and costs, depending on the product, service, or business you are promoting.

Below are some of the different types of video production. Picking the correct one for your video is essential, as it will determine how you will be approaching the preproduction phase.

6 Different Types of Video Production

1. Product Videos

Product videos tend to be simple and are used for the purpose of showcasing a product. These will feature the product from multiple angles or showcase it being used. Product videos are primarily posted on brand websites where users can view them as they’re making purchasing decisions, or can be cut into short highlights for promotional video use.

The simplicity of product videos can help save on costs. As they do not typically take a lot of time to film, several of them can be filmed during one production day.

2. Event Highlight Videos

Sometimes called a sizzle reel, event video production is a series of clips that highlight a company’s event. This type of video can be used as both a recap, for those who missed the event (or wish to relive it), and as a promotion for the next iteration of an event.

As event videos can be produced during an event with minimal crew and equipment, the production costs for event highlight videos are minimal. Once finished, they can be promoted on brand websites and social media, as well as used internally in presentations and trainings.

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial video production consists of interviews with your customers to attest to the effectiveness of your product or service. They are shot simply, often using fixed-camera setups, and can be intercut with b-roll footage. Several of these can be shot in one day, allowing for a reduction in production requirements.

The less production days utilized, the more you can also save on budgeting and costs. Testimonial videos can be shown on the brand’s website or social media pages, and can even be included in television commercials.

4. Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are used to show how to use and/or interact with a product. These types of videos can be perfect as a corporate video for training employees, or as a consumer video for teaching customers. These videos can range from teaching a recipe, to showcasing how to build a piece of furniture.

The production needs and budget requirements can vary for an instructional video. Depending on the difficulty of the tutorial, as well as the location you’re shooting in, an instructional video can range from minimal to moderate costs. These are also posted on brand websites, where they can help a customer make a purchasing decision alongside product videos.

5. Explainer Videos

Though explainer videos may sound similar to instructional videos, they’re often used differently. While the latter is used to teach someone how to use a product, explainer videos are utilized when teaching a concept or process. While these can be shown on a website for customers, they’re also useful for help in training and internal presentations.

Explainer videos may have higher costs than previous video production types, as they can tend to be more involved and elaborate. These videos may require multiple locations, extensive animation, or reenactments. Therefore, the production costs for explainer videos can range from moderate to high.

6. Narrative Videos

Narrative videos are scripted stories that use actors, sets, and props. They’re intended to be highly engaging, leading to more shares amongst viewers and customers alike.

Because narrative videos require more planning, the costs for these can be high. Depending on how many actors, locations, crew members, and shooting days your video will need, the production process can be quite extensive.

They’re well worth it, though, as this video production service can be used commercials and shown on TV, posted on websites and social media platforms, and used as examples when speaking to new clients.

Depending on what you’re promoting, each video production type has its merits. Knowing their usages and requirements will help you pick the right one for your own video, and will make sure that whatever video you create is as effective as possible.

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