Why You Should Be Using Drone Video In Your Real Estate Marketing

You may have noticed that drone usage has been on the rise. In fact, there are about 20,000 drones registered for commercial use flying around. With this increase comes more options for aerial footage, and many real estate companies are taking a closer look at incorporating drone video footage into their marketing materials.

Why Use Drone Video?

Show Another Perspective

Many videos are used to create a narrative around a property, a story that people will remember. In order to have a memorable story, it needs to be engaging and evoke emotion from the viewer. One way to do this is by using interesting footage that is unique to that building. Drones can help accomplish this by making it easier to show off different perspectives of your property and top selling points that you want to show off. The footage from done videos is great not only for making visual stories more interesting, but also for showing the full scale of a building or property. Drones make filming a property with multiple or tall buildings incredibly easy. Its ability to maneuver around, on top, and in between buildings, makes getting great footage that much easier.

It’s Affordable

As with many things, higher quality usually means higher costs, but drones have made it easier to capture high-quality aerial footage at a relatively inexpensive price. Compare the price of hiring a licensed drone operator versus a licensed airplane pilot equipped with a 4K camera. The price gap can be $1,500 or more in favor of the drone. But not only is drone footage cheaper to execute, but it can also be used to supplement an array of marketing needs, from social media to website content.

How Does Drone Video Get Results?

You can generate a very engaging video through footage shot with a drone. People enjoy aerial and non-typical real estate views –think about the success of Google Earth and how many people look up their own home just to see it from a different perspective. This preference is a reason why incorporating drone footage into a property video could lead to a higher rate of viewer retention on your videos. More people would see everything that the property has to offer and would know if they were interested sooner, saving both the interested party and the owner time.

Is Drone Video A Good Choice For Me?

  • Do you want prospective residents to see an overview of the property?
  • Do you want to have high-quality footage at a relatively low cost?
  • Do you want to have engaging and relevant content to your audience?

If you answered yes to these questions then what are you waiting for? Give drones a chance to work for you! Please visit us at pointintimestudios.com for more information and to subscribe to our weekly blog and video posts. We hope you found this valuable. Sources: StoryTrack.com , ExpandedRamblings.com


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