5 Things to Look for in a Production Company

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You’ve made the wise choice in deciding your marketing portfolio really isn’t complete without video. Not only is it a powerful way to showcase what you do best to potential clients and loyal fans, you also know that video is consumed more than almost any other type of media. (If you aren’t sure yet about the power of video, check out our previous blog post on the topic here.) You’re ready to hire a Phoenix video production company. You know your cousin’s roommate is going to film school and maybe he could help you out, but you want to see what else is out there. You especially want to make sure you are getting the best value for your budget and your company is important enough to you to hire the best. So how do you find the right video production company? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Show & Tell

If you have started shopping for a Phoenix video production company to hire, you’ve likely visited their website. There, you should find an awesome demo video that will give you a bite-sized taste of everything they have to offer. You’ll probably get a good idea by watching the demo if their product looks and feels like a fit for what you have in mind. But make sure to dig a little deeper on the site and watch a few other videos as well. If they only have the demo video to show, that could be a red flag. Where’s the rest of their stuff? And if you’re looking for something different as a demo, you can always ask. A reputable video production company should have plenty to share. Check out their entire portfolio to get an idea of the variety of services they have to offer. Maybe your product or service isn’t easy to film in the traditional sense (or hasn’t been created yet!) and you need a company that offers animation or virtual reality. While you’re browsing, check that their website has a variety of content including blog articles and background information to show they are active and up to date on industry practices and trends.

The Power of Testimonials

Most business websites have a page or section dedicated to testimonials. The written ones are nice, but in a video testimonial, something about it feels more trustworthy. Consider the fact that the person on the other side of the camera is so pleased with their own video, they have taken time out of their own busy schedule to put on a nice outfit and possibly some make-up to film a testimonial video on the company’s behalf. It’s not just a really nice thing to do or a free plug for their own business and it certainly requires more effort than writing a 20-word testimonial blurb. It also speaks to the relationship the video production company has with their clients: they were comfortable and confident enough to ask and the client was happy enough to agree.

Shop Around

Just like shopping for any other kind of product or service, it’s always good practice to get more than one quote from different companies. Any company worth its salt will be willing to provide a quote in a timely manner after getting an idea from you of who you are, what you do and what you’re looking to accomplish with your video. Keep in mind when you get those quotes, what you pay will be proportionate to what you receive. While everyone wants to spend the least amount possible, paying the right amount for a video you’re thrilled with and brings you the business or attention you seek, is worth the investment. Remember having a great video in your marketing portfolio will pay for itself tenfold and can be used and re-used countless times. This is another area where investing in video really pays off. Unlike expensive print ads that may get you exposure, but you pay for each time they run, a video is yours forever to use as you wish without additional cost.

Business Manners

In keeping with general good shopping advice, once you reach out to a Phoenix video production company, you’ll quickly learn what kind of business they run. When they contact you, are they timely and professional? Are they truly interested in what you do, no matter what size your endeavor is? Are they treating you as a priority by getting back to you quickly when you have additional questions? Have they asked the important questions about your project such as what your goals are, who your audience is and what your expectations are? A company interested in your success as well as their own will ask pointed, attentive questions and make you feel just as important as the rest of their clients, big or small. Be sure to have your own questions prepared ahead of time so you can have a productive discussion. They should respond with patience and willingness, no matter how basic the inquiry. And remember that video is more intimate than other forms of media. You’ll be spending time in person with this team and a good relationship will make the process easy and enjoyable for you and anyone else involved in the production process.

Lastly, People First

During communications with the Phoenix video production company you may hire, let your instincts lend a hand. It’s ok to take into consideration if you like the team. In many business transactions, this may be entirely irrelevant. But take a moment to think of your video production team as an extension of your existing marketing team. This is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with people who understand your business model, the people in your sphere and what your intentions and goals are. Chances are, if you don’t need another video produced right away, you will need another one down the road as your goals evolve or you add new products or services. When you do, not only do you not have to shop again, but your Phoenix video production company of choice already understands your vision and is excited to help you move on to the next milestone. Ideally, you’ll need another because the first one was a huge success.

We hope you found this helpful! Read more articles about Phoenix video production here.


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