Mid-2023 Tech: Emerging Developments in VR, AR, and 3D Animation

VR headsets on table

As we traverse through 2023, the tech landscape is undergoing seismic shifts, with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D animation at the helm of these transformations. These advanced technologies are revolutionizing our interaction with digital media and catalyzing significant enhancements across diverse sectors. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper dive into the […]

The History of Virtual Reality: When Was VR Invented?

two people wearing virtual reality headsets

Although virtual reality (VR) may seem like a new, emerging technology to some, it has actually been around – in some form – for over sixty years! In 1957, Morton Heilig invented the Sensorama, an arcade-style reality simulator that worked by having the viewer sit in front of the machine with their head placed between panels and look at 3D-style images while being exposed to specialized smells and sounds to create an immersive experience. While this is a far cry from the virtual reality of today, the Sensorama has been credited by many as the first VR device. You can see the progression of VR even in more modern times through the many variations of virtual reality headsets introduced to the public, from the EyePhone – not to be confused with the iPhone – to the Samsung Gear VR, the most well-known headset.

Gold Mount vs V-Mount

camera showing the gold mount vs v mount battery options

There is a long-standing debate between camera buffs about which battery mount is best. Many swear by Anton Bauer’s gold mount, while others prefer Sony’s v-mount. You’ll often see arguments about which mount type is best, and why. If you’re unsure what the difference is between the two, the following review will help you understand. […]

What is Multi-Camera?

point in time studios production team visually answering the question. what is multi camera

The multiple-camera setup is a video production method where several cameras record or broadcast a scene at the same time. The concept of multi-camera filming is simple: multiple cameras are used during a shoot to film one subject. In execution, however, a multi-camera setup can be very difficult if not done correctly. An incorrect setup […]

How to Create a Corporate Video in 5 Steps

owner of plumbing company on camera for corporate video

An important goal of marketing is being able to stand out amongst your competitors. Setting yourself apart from other brands can be helped out by creating a unique corporate video. Video is one of the most popular methods of creative marketing, and can be incredibly effective when it comes to promoting your brand. When determining […]

What is Video Production?

Video production is an incredibly useful medium when it comes to marketing your product or service. While there are a number of ways to produce videos and they largely depend on your end goal, there are three basic pieces to all types of video production, regardless of your end product. It’s important to fully understand […]

Single Camera vs Multi Camera

point in time studios production team visually answering the question. what is multi camera

Some people wonder, what is a multi-camera show and what is a single camera show? As you will learn during the pre-production process, there are two major ways to film: single camera, and multi camera. The differences between single camera vs. multi camera can be found in their names: Single Camera Format: Shooting something “single […]

How to Use Video in Email Marketing

person on phone and desktop showing the power of video in email marketing

Video has become one of the most useful marketing tools, as almost nothing else can communicate a message as quickly and effectively. Many companies take advantage of this by sending videos in their email marketing campaigns. This can have a lot of benefits, such as increasing conversion rates, building brand awareness, and helping educate customers. […]

COVID-19: Arizona Video Production Companies Are Back On Set

COVID-19 has made life a lot harder. Our normal has changed and there is no going back. Fortunately, we have ways to help you through these changes. Now more than ever, businesses need corporate video production to reach their target audiences, carry on their marketing campaigns, and push home their message.    54% of consumers want to […]

5 Things to Look for in a Production Company

video production company

You’ve made the wise choice in deciding your marketing portfolio really isn’t complete without video. Not only is it a powerful way to showcase what you do best to potential clients and loyal fans, you also know that video is consumed more than almost any other type of media. (If you aren’t sure yet about […]