What is Video Production?

Video production is an incredibly useful medium when it comes to marketing your product or service. While there are a number of ways to produce videos and they largely depend on your end goal, there are three basic pieces to all types of video production, regardless of your end product. It’s important to fully understand the three major steps of video production as you begin planning for your own production.


What is Video Production?

Video production consists of three major phases that make up the overall video production process: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each phase of production is critical to successfully planning, executing, and fine-tuning your video.


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pre production - story boarding during video production

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production is the planning stage of the production process. This is where you will determine the purpose of the video, as well as ensuring all of the logistics are in place. From casting to booking locations, everything must be locked prior to filming.

You will also need to assemble a crew and decide how you will distribute your video upon completion. All of these aspects – and more! – are going to make production run much smoother. The more prepared you are as you begin filming, the easier it will be to capture the ideal footage.


production - filming during video production

2. Production

The production stage is where the video is filmed. Production can be as short as half a day, or it can be longer than a week. This will be decided by your budget, as well the overall scope of your project. If you need to shoot in several locations, then more days will be beneficial to your production. Videos such as brief interviews or product explainer videos are much easier to produce, and can be filmed in one location during one day.

As mentioned before, budget will also be a huge determining factor in the length of your production. Larger budgets will allow you to pay crew for more days, as well as provide meals for them and pay for locations. A smaller budget will require you to be a bit more thoughtful about where you allocate funds. Planning is key, as you will know exactly what your priorities are!


post production - editing during video production

3. Post-Production

Your video will finally come to life during post-production. The editing team will take all of your footage and make your vision a reality. Whether it be through straightforward editing, 3D modeling, visual effects, or more, the post-production phase determines the final look of the video.

Pre-production will come in handy here as well. Editors will need to understand their deadlines, as well as what is expected of them and the final product. Though editing is a creative process and should allow your editors to make creative decisions of their own, they will need overarching guidelines to ensure the video meets your vision.

Video production can be difficult, but the results can be incredibly rewarding if you are prepared. The three major phases above will set you up for success and give you a great video that can provide results for your company. Once your video is finished, you can begin distributing it to the proper channels and seeing the results of your hard work!


If you’re in need of a professional video for marketing your business, contact us today to get a quote.

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