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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the best type of video to start with for my business?

Video production is rarely one-size-fits-all. We work with clients with various visual storytelling needs, from video and 3D animation to virtual and augmented reality. We recommend scheduling an introductory call with our team so we can learn more about your project and make the best recommendation for your business.

How much does a video, 3D or VR/AR project cost?

The investment in visual storytelling varies depending on the scale of the project. We'll work with your team to ensure we can fit your budget needs before making any commitments.

How long will my project take from start to finish?

We work with clients to establish project timelines based on their unique needs. We work on projects that take anywhere from a few weeks to months, pending the scale and production value.

Will I have one point of contact throughout my project?

Yes! We pride ourselves on creating a personalized experience for each client. Not only will you have one point of contact throughout your project, but our team is also known for being responsive, timely, and transparent.

What's the difference between 2D/3D or VR/AR?

2D means two-dimensional, and 3D means three-dimensional. The key difference is that 2D is flat, exhibiting only height and length, while 3D provides height, length, and breadth for a more realistic appearance.

VR stands for virtual reality, and AR stands for augmented reality. The difference is VR creates an immersive virtual environment, while AR augments a scene from the real world.