Audrey Pepe of Point in Time Studios

Audrey Pepe, Video production manager at Point in Time Studios in Phoenix, Arizona

My first large-scale production was for Brooklyn Bedding. It was a commercial spot we did for them. I had been on some smaller productions and was just getting my feet wet in the production /product management role when Rami threw this huge production at me. It was really great; I had to learn on the fly. It terrified me at first. It was a lot of new things and we only had a few weeks to prep.

Video Production in Phoenix: Pursuing the Dream

Rami Kalla, Founder of Point in Time Studios, is on set with Brooklyn Bedding. One of the many videos we have produced in Phoenix.

I always had the dream of starting a business and becoming an Entrepreneur, but I had no idea where to start. I then had the idea to possibly start my own Video Production Company in Phoenix!

Filming in Phoenix: The Valley of the Sun

Filming a video production in Phoenix

An incredible 2,530 projects were completed in greater Phoenix in 2018. source Small and large businesses alike are recognizing the necessity of including video in their marketing portfolios and the cruciality of video to their branding efforts. Consequently, the video production industry is growing, and in a big way. Predictions state a 22 billion dollar increase in the digital video advertising industry across the US between last year and 2021.

The History of Point in Time Studios

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Infographic: Video Testimonials

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Phoenix, AZ Animation

AWARD WINNING 3D ANIMATOR KYLE SCHLOSSER “THE STEPS TO CREATE KILLER 3D ANIMATION” Tiffany:Kyle, from Point In Time Studios, a Phoenix production company, thank you for taking the time to meet with me again today. Kyle:My pleasure Tiffany. Tiffany:Today I would like to talk about the steps to create killer 3D Animation. Can you explain […]

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American Marketing Association Presentation

            American Marketing Association Presentation Did you know that customers are 64% – 84% more likely to purchase after watching a video? Learn more about this topic, by joining Rami Kalla, from Point in Time Studios, this Thursday, June 14, 2012 as he discusses “How to Convert Video to Sales […]

The Passing of Greatness: Steve Jobs

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