Point in Time Studios Case Study: Santé Oasis Project

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Virtual Reality Environment Video for Santé Realty Investments.

Client Profile

Santé Realty Investments is a lucrative commercial real estate investment firm, already thriving in 8 states with international expansion well underway. Since its inception, Santé Realty has developed a streamlined process to maximize profitability for its investors, maintaining focus in areas where growth is prominent, and markets are flourishing. While Santé Realty brings reliable, steady income to their investors, they are also proud to contribute a portion of their profits to treating and curing the neurological disorder Rett’s Syndrome, from which the founder’s daughter suffers.

The Challenge

For their first international project, Santé Realty purchased a 501-unit luxury apartment complex on the shores of Spain. The units had been abandoned and were being remodeled, but it was imperative for Santé Realty to begin generating investor interest prior to their completion. Architectural renderings had been completed, but they lacked the detail and effect desired to showcase the complex at trade shows and to local brokers. Santé was looking for an experience, one that would attract attention at the trade shows and impress audiences and onlookers. The company wanted potential investors to be able to have an immersive encounter, one that stimulated multiple senses and provided the subject with the ability to explore physical spaces in a very realistic way. Santé Realty approached Point in Time Studios to create a Virtual Reality tour to showcase their momentous endeavor.


Point in Time Studios was delighted to take on the project and deliver on a tight timeline. Founder Rami Kalla assembled his team of designers and engineers to get the project underway. Lead 3D artist John Goodall, along with fellow artist Giovanni Araiza and Software Engineer Shelby King, worked in tandem to take the existing architectural renderings and blueprints provided and transform them into a stunning virtual reality experience. The artists were given 5 environments to bring to life: 4 apartment floorplans and 1 common area that featured the outdoor pool area set against miles of ocean views-a highlight for those who took the VR tour in London. Shelby programmed functionality including a teleporting feature which enabled the viewer to transition smoothly from one area to the next, providing effortless movements throughout the experience.


Santé Realty presented the final project at the A Place in the Sun Live conference, the largest overseas property exhibition in Europe, in both London and Birmingham, UK in early 2019. Thousands of potential investors attended the event and explored the apartment complex with the aid of virtual reality headsets. Santé Realty’s vision, brought to life with the technology and artistry of Point in Time Studios, resulted in 30 real estate transactions, totaling over 10 million dollars in sales.

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