When Outside Is Out, Video Content Is In

This is nothing if not a time for being resourceful. Suddenly our worlds are very contained, and people everywhere are learning how to make their homes into offices, movie theaters, and playgrounds. Some businesses have made an easy transition to being away from the office as the physical building served as not much more than a place to collaborate and interact with others face-to-face. But what if you have a business that relies on public settings and the presence of other human beings?

At Point in Time Studios we are finding creative ways to continue to support our client base and create new video content despite the restrictions in place. One real bonus of everyone being online more these days is how much video content is being consumed. It’s a prime opportunity for business owners to take advantage of all that extra viewing — and everyone can agree we all need to seek out the positives during these bleak times.

Re-Imagine Your Ads with 2D Animation

Founder Rami Kalla says, “All of our customers are working to figure out how they can continue their business during COVID-19. Content is still king.” Here is a short social media ad we made for WellRX, a free app to help you save on your regular prescriptions:

Animation is the perfect piece of video content to get your company’s vision across, with literally limitless possibilities for entertaining, informing and wowing your audience. When you can’t film in person, you are left with the unbounded potential of the imagination. There is something to be said for taking away a couple of tools to spark ingenuity.

The Reach of Virtual Reality

When everyone is stuck at home, virtual reality in particular can provide an easy escape from the four walls around you. That was a property tour we put together for Campus Circle out of Florida. We were able to 3D render the entire property and built in a variety of games people can virtually play, as they would in real life.

“VR is really hot right now! All of our clients who are in real estate still need to lease their properties. VR and 360 tours are an incredible way for potential tenants to tour their properties from their living room!”
-Point in Time Founder, Rami Kalla

VR and 360º video content is one of our specialties – especially in the commercial real estate and student housing industries. Whether a property has yet to be built or is already in place, virtual tours can be created through a variety of mediums – helping client solve their current COVID-19 lease-up problems, and future-proof their ongoing marketing strategies.

Repurpose What Video Content You’ve Got

In addition to VR and 360º video content, we are blowing dust off stock footage to create new video content that you’d never know wasn’t shot this year. Taking advantage of what is already in the storeroom and turning it into something fresh is a fantastic way to keep creating when filming options are severely curbed. We were able to put this piece of video content together for cStor, a cyber security firm – without ever leaving the edit bay:

Add Some Sizzle To Your Video Content

Sizzle videos, also known as promo or demo videos, are blowing up right now. The purpose of these is to showcase a little taste of everything your company has to offer in about 60 seconds. These are typically exhilarating to watch, packed with energy and color to represent your brand, your people, and your product. As Kalla states, ” You can still create a really impactful video using existing footage or stock footage with graphics. These short Sizzle videos are really hot on social media right now!” Here’s a sizzle video we made for a medical imaging manufacturer, Ziehm Vision:

When you need content for your company, but live filming is out, there are plenty of options for keeping people tuned in to what you’re up to. While everyone is home, you have a captive audience, as it were, to share your ideas with. Whether you opt for VR, animation or a new sizzle video, your video content needs are still covered. Sometimes limits only make us reach a little further to meet our goals. If you need help re-imagining your video content, contact our team for a creative strategy meeting and custom demo.


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