GIFT IDEAS: What To Give A Video Editor

Point in Time Studios Video Editor Gift Guide

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Still haven’t gotten the video editor in your life a gift? Can’t seem to figure out the perfect gift to give them? Here are some great last-minute gift ideas for Video Editors that’ll put a smile on their face and yours!

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 Editing Guide


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom 2020

Courtesy of: Amazon

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book: $36.99

An Editor can learn everything they need and want to know (mixing sound, compositing footage, adjusting color, using advanced editing techniques, managing projects, working with 360 video for VR headsets, animating graphics and video, etc.) how to do in Adobe Premiere Pro with this fast-paced guide. Written by Maxim Jago, an Adobe Master Trainer, award-winning screenwriter and film director, and media technology specialist. This book has 18 project-based lessons with key techniques for working in Premiere Pro. In addition to the book, you receive online files which include all the necessary assets for the projects featured in each chapter of the book. 

available at amazon logo white e1513286456439

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Editor Shortcut Keyboard Skins

Make an Editor’s life a little easier by giving them a shortcut cheat sheet!

Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcut Skin
Courtesy of: Amazon

Premiere Pro Shortcut Keyboard Skin: $13.99

available at amazon logo white e1513286456439

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Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcut Skin
Courtesy of: Amazon

Final Cut Pro X Shortcut Keyboard Skin: $29.95

available at amazon logo white e1513286456439 [spacer height=”100″]


External Hard Drive

Seagate Portable 2TB Hard Drive
Courtesy of: Amazon

Seagate Portable 2TB Hard Drive: $59.99

Having enough storage space is key when you’re editing a video in 4K or HD, so ensure that your Editor has room for all their projects with an external hard drive. available at amazon logo white e1513286456439 [spacer height=”100″]


Educational Courses


Lynda online courses

Lynda–Basic: $25/mo & Premium: $37.50/mo

Lynda is an awesome site where people can learn and hone their skills. There is a wide array of courses available on different applications, techniques, and shortcuts. These courses cover everything from business topics to video editing and web development. visitvendorwebsite   [spacer height=”100″]


Pluralsight online courses

Pluralsight–Monthly: $29.00/mo & Annually: $299.00

Pluralsight is another site for learning about a large range of technology and computer topics. Most of the site’s courses deal with aspects of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe SpeedGrade. visitvendorwebsite   [spacer height=”100″]



Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone
Courtesy of: Amazon

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones: $99.95

These headphones are designed for excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise through its circumaural design. They’re also very lightweight and comfortable. available at amazon logo white e1513286456439


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This blog is part of our “Gift Ideas” series. We hope you found some great gifts for the virtual reality or 360-degree video enthusiast in your life!

Check out our  Gift Ideas: What to Give a VR or 360° Video Enthusiast and Gift Ideas: What to Give the Photographer in Your Life blogs for more gift options! For more information on photography and videography, please visit us at and see more of our video work.

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