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For those of you haven’t seen the new movie Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Fields and Tommy Lee Jones, this is a must see. At first, I was a little reluctant as Lincoln is such an iconic figure and I wasn’t sure if this movie would do him justice. However, if there is any director who can tell an historical story, it’s Steven Spielberg. In this movie, Spielberg does an excellent job of re-creating the setting of this era. I would compare the setting and development of the characters similar to his movie Amistad.

Rather than try and tell a complete story of Lincoln’s life, this film highlights a very specific period. It opens as we are coming to the end of the Civil War and Lincoln is in the midst of trying to pass his controversial 13th Amendment to abolish slavery. The film dives into a very difficult political atmosphere as Lincoln is trying to convince the House that they have to pass this bill. Daniel Day Lewis’s portrayal of Lincoln was both accurate and convincing. He displayed a character with incredible strength and sadness as he dealt with an incredible level of adversity in both his political and personal life.

The film shows the personal side of Lincoln’s life as he and Mary dealt with the recent death of their son Will. Sally Fields also did an incredible job portraying the troubled Mary Lincoln. Not to be out-done, Tommy Lee Jones also delivered a stellar performance as Thaddeus Stevens, the very outspoken politician. The film also takes sometime to remind us of the gruesomeness of the Civil War and all of the lives that were lost. There is a great scene in which Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant are sitting down toward the end of the war and he tells Lincoln that he looks 10 years older, although only a year has passed.

This movie is not an action packed war movie about the Civil War or a Biography of Lincoln’s life. It is a well produced period film that beautifully captures a very specific time in Lincoln’s life and how he struggled to keep the United States from falling apart while simultaneously putting an end to the horrible practice of slavery.

If you love history or just enjoy a film with great acting (a rarity), I would highly recommend that you see this film. Thank you. Rami Kalla Owner / Founder Point in Time Studios 480.237.1267 x701

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