3D Digital Real Estate Renderings

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3D renderings: they’ve been around for a while, but they are getting more advanced. Learn how incorporating them into your marketing will improve your marketing’s effectiveness.

What Are Real Estate Renderings?

Let’s first start off with some background on 3D renderings. The type of 3D rendering that we will be discussing is known as offline rendering, which is incredibly realistic virtual images. Software is used to make a near identical virtual depiction of what the property will look like in real life. It looks like a photo, but it’s not. So now that you have an understanding of what a 3D rendering is, let’s go into how it could improve your real estate marketing.

Why Are They Important In Your Marketing?

3D Renderings Are Easy To Share

Since they are a still image, they can easily be posted online without requiring special software. These renderings are incredibly engaging and eye-catching, and they work well to draw in people’s attention on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. 3D renderings are also useful to incorporate into direct email campaigns. They have a strong visual weight and will enhance the effectiveness of a campaign’s ability to communicate property information to prospective tenants.

Provide A More Realistic Presentation

As stated above, 3D renderings are photo-realistic and provide the viewer with an exceptionally good idea of what the property will look like in real life. This is very useful for properties that are under construction by aiding potential tenants in imagining themselves at the property. These clear visual representations of the property allow these potential tenants to have a stronger justification for signing a pre-lease.

Save Time & Money

3D renderings essentially get rid of the need to build models in order to effectively communicate what the space will realistically look like before construction is completed, which is a major cost-saver. Having the ability to show prospective tenants a completed space increases the number of pre-leases that you will receive. People see the world in three dimensions; so communicating in 3D makes it easier for people to visualize that space and have a more clear idea about how they will fit into it, leading to higher satisfaction by reducing the probability of unmet expectations. 3D renderings are a great addition to any real estate marketing plan. Not only are they easy to share and provide a realistic view of a project before its completion, but they are also cost and time efficient.

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