Superbowl Commercials


Check out all of the Superbowl Commercials by clicking on the below link: In My Opinion: There wasn’t a whole lot of stand-out Ads this year. The 2 that I thought were really well done were the Budweiser and The Voice Commercials. DRAMA: The Budweiser Commercials, rather then going with the traditional goofy concepts, decided to try a more Cinematic approach. I though that they nailed it. The look and feel of their commercials looked like a Feature film with the old-fashioned, Prohibition era design, Musical Score and Talent. They spared no expense to re-create the setting from the buildings to the props and costume design. Very impressive. COMEDY: For Comedy, I would have to go with The Voice – Vocal Combat. This spot was hilarious. The stunts and special effects were extremely well done and the ending was classic. I hope that you enjoy watching all of the spots and we would love to hear your opinions posted here on our Blog as well. Thank you. Rami Kalla Point in Time Studios


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