The Benefits of Incorporating 3D Animations Into Your Videos

What each business wants to accomplish through their videos may be different depending on the industry they are in, who they are targeting, and the company itself. However, even though the reasoning behind the videos may differ, there are some benefits to utilizing 3D animations and graphics in those videos that fit across several different types of video.


Utilizing 3D animations is a great way of expressing your businesses style. You can choose which 3D animations to use and the overall theme of your video. Using clean and modern animations works well with businesses in the real estate industry and projects that your brand is professional and keeps pace with technology.


Videos already command more visual weight than plain text, so imagine amplifying it, and gaining even more of the viewer’s attention. That is the effect that 3D animations have on your video. 3D animations can enhance the overall look and feel of your video, making it more appealing to the viewer, resulting in more of their attention being occupied by your video. By having a monopoly on your viewer’s attention you can now focus on maintaining their engagement with your video.


Once a viewer’s attention has been captured, the next challenge is to continue their interaction with your video. Luckily, 3D animations are great at doing just that because they add an additional layer of engagement to your video. How? People’s eyes are naturally drawn to movement, so by giving them something interesting and detailed to look at while watching your video, they will engage with your video for longer periods of time. By having a high level of engagement, your viewer will gain a greater understanding of what your video is trying to communicate to them. They will also be able to retain that information for a longer amount of time once they have stopped watching because they were actively engaged in your video.


When you are trying to drum up interest for something that is still in development or is not quite finished, as is often the case in real estate industry, 3D graphics can give your viewer the sense of what it will look like when it is finished. This is something that regular video or photography is not capable of doing. Let’s focus on real estate; the viewer will be able to get a good idea of what the project will look like upon its completion and the developer will have the opportunity to pre-sell units.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons for using 3D animation in your video is its ability to be changed. If you decide that you want to add something or move an object, it is relatively simple if you used animation. These minor changes are difficult, if not impossible, to make if you used only live action in your video. People are becoming used to more types of technology and as a result, are demanding that companies keep pace with their growing expectations. 3D animation is a great way to satisfy tech-hungry viewers.

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