Best Filming Locations in Arizona for 2022

The best places to film across Phoenix and in Arizona

Even one of the opening scenes in The Karate Kid includes Arizona’s red rock country town of Sedona, but only when they are on their way to California. A lot of people who have never been to Arizona, or have only passed through Phoenix, don’t know that there are pine trees and snow to the North or actual bodies of water throughout the state. There are also sprawling metropolises, big city lights, and Old West attractions to protect the wild legacy.

Behind The Scenes Video Marketing Tips for 2022

Social media has changed the way companies share information. It was created to connect people and help them exchange ideas, which has proven to be a useful tool for companies across the world, allowing them to interact with their audience in a way that wasn’t possible 15 years ago. The informality of “behind the scenes” […]

Creating Videos for Corporate Communications

Behind the scenes of our phoenix video production shoot for Corporate video communications with a Nissan dealership.

If everyone is truly honest, corporate communications are typically the most groan-worthy because they’re well, boring and cheesy, and it would serve you well to find ways to squash that notion. Yes, video is the easiest and most likely form to be digested. The bottom line, you need your employees to be engaged and informed, and there are things they need to know about the goings-on of your business. Using video as your choice of medium will transform doldrum communications into stimulating content your employees will look forward to consuming.

Telling Your Story: Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Plan

How to use video in your marketing strategy

Marketing allows you to reach your consumers and communicate your story in more ways than ever before. Print media is still alive for advertising purposes and online you can utilize blogs, eBooks, case studies, infographics, videos and podcasts to get your message out there. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

The Benefits of Incorporating 3D Animations Into Your Videos

What each business wants to accomplish through their videos may be different depending on the industry they are in, who they are targeting, and the company itself. However, even though the reasoning behind the videos may differ, there are some benefits to utilizing 3D animations and graphics in those videos that fit across several different […]

Live Action vs. Animated Videos: Which is Better?

[one_half] Live Action vs. Animated Videos?  Which is better?  We get this question all of the time here at Point in Time Studios or at least once a week from clients. What do we tell them?  It depends.  How’s that for a direct answer.  The truth is, it really does depend.  We start the conversation […]

Help! I’m Not an Editor! – Video Sensei Blog

“How do these companies make such great videos? How can I possibly afford to create video content for our marketing?” Well have no fear, the Video Sensei is here! Video content doesn’t have to be exclusive to the super wealthy corporations and billion dollar businesses. In fact, studies show that video made by small businesses […]

What Kind of Video Should I Make?

What Kind of Video Should I make? OK, so I know I want my company to make a video. I want it to show our product in the best possible light and make people confident and excited about their purchase. But… how do I do that? Successful videos come in a variety of styles. Each […]