The Future of 3D Animation

Predictions and discussion of the future state of 3D animation by Kyle from Point In Time Studios.

Tiffany: Kyle, from Point In Time Studios, thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.  Kyle, what do you think is the future of 3D? Where do you see 3D animation going in the next couple of years?

Kyle: 3D animation in the next couple of years will probably become even more mainstream. We’re already seeing a lot of purely CG videos coming out, especially in games and in the video game marketplace. Even for something like apps, I’ve seen purely 3D videos. With the price of software going down, the price of computers going down and everything becoming more accessible, it’s going to be more available to everyday artists, instead of just the big studios.

Tiffany: Do you think that eventually there’s going to be apps to create 3D and we’re not going to need creatives anymore or do you think there’s still going to be a need for a person or actually someone with a special skill set to do 3D?

Kyle: I think there are already apps in the marketplace that can simplify the process, but at the end of the day, for any sort of high-end work, you’re still going to need the artist behind the work. You can’t automate everything.

Tiffany: Do you see that for some time it’s going to be like that?

Kyle: I think so. Things are becoming more automated. Already, you can buy scanners and scan people into a 3D environment.

Tiffany: How effective are those scanners?

Kyle: They can be very effective. I mean, they are still pretty expensive if you want high quality work, but I’ve seen low quality work just used with an XBox Connect that looked decent.

Tiffany: For low-end work or for entry level work, do you foresee the future where a lot more people are going to have access to 3D, like now with HD video and 4K video on our phones, but for high-end, higher quality custom type of work, you still see the need for a specialist that has that background?

Kyle: Yeah. For the high-end work, you definitely still need the specialist because there’s so many facets to 3D that if you want to get exactly what you want, it’s going to take you a while and you’re going to have to really know what you’re doing or have someone that knows what they’re doing.

Tiffany: What are you excited about with 3D animation? What are you looking forward to?

Kyle: Like I was saying, it’s becoming more accessible, so I’m able to work with higher end programs without needing to drop ten thousand dollars. Motion captures is becoming more affordable as well.

Tiffany: What is motion capture?

Kyle: Motion capture is capturing the data of an actor or a motion capture artist and applying that to a 3D character and basically automating the animation process.

Tiffany: Like Avatar, by James Cameron?

Kyle: Yeah. Avatar used motion capture.

Tiffany: Is there anything you want to end with that you think people should know about 3D or what to look for, maybe if they’re going to hire a 3D artist or things they should consider if they’re thinking about doing 3D for their video projects?

Kyle: I would say probably at least get a general understanding of 3D. A lot of people associate 3D automatically with just 3D animation, like Pixar, Toy Story stuff. That is a part of it, but there’s a lot more than just animation that goes into it. You might have to model that character and then texture it and then animate it. There’s even a lot more behind the scenes for that, but understand what it is you’re asking for. If you want a fully animated CG scene, that’s going to be a lot of work and it’s going to take a lot of time.

Tiffany: Well, thank you Kyle for your time today. This was great!

Kyle: My pleasure. Thank you Tiffany.


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