The History of Virtual Reality

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Although virtual reality (VR) may seem like a new, emerging technology to some, it has actually been around – in some form – for over sixty years!

In 1957, Morton Heilig invented the Sensorama, an arcade-style reality simulator that worked by having the viewer sit in front of the machine with their head placed between panels and look at 3D-style images while being exposed to specialized smells and sounds to create an immersive experience. While this is a far cry from the VR of today, the Sensorama has been credited by many as the first VR device.

You can see the progression of VR even in more modern times through the many variations of virtual reality headsets introduced to the public, from the EyePhone – not to be confused with the iPhone – to the Samsung Gear VR, the most well-known headset currently.

Even though virtual reality has come a long way from its “classic” counterparts, it’s constantly being improved and modified to fit better fit into the lives of the modern consumer.

The below is a brief timeline illustrating virtual reality throughout the years.

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