What Kind of Video Should I Make?

What Kind of Video Should I make?

OK, so I know I want my company to make a video. I want it to show our product in the best possible light and make people confident and excited about their purchase. But… how do I do that? Successful videos come in a variety of styles. Each has their own benefits and costs. We can’t tell you what kind of video you need to make, but here are some of the most common types of video you might want to consider:   Testimonials
Pros: Want to instill customer confidence? What better way than to talk to other customers? This kind of video is hard to mess up. It’s simple. It’s neat. It’s always going to talk directly about the benefit to your clients. What could go wrong? Cons:  It’s simple. It’s neat. But it doesn’t always work well when explaining complex ideas and concepts. But if simple customer confidence  is your plan, these might be perfect for you.   Motion Graphic Animations
Pros: Whoa! That’s me as a cartoon?! How cool is that?  Motion graphics allow you to put whatever you want on screen. They are highly stylized and make it possible to show whatever you want (Yes! I want a volcano shooting out ice cream and puppies!) no matter how impossible. Cons:  This is not a simple medium. What you gain in not having actors or locations you will make up for in time. Motion graphic animation are very difficult and may take an experienced editor, not to mention a novice, weeks to pull complete.   Live ActionPros: Ta-da! Batman just saved my children using Rite-X Laundry detergent! Live action allows you to be more creative with your video. Comedy, drama, irony…nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Live actors and locations can give your video a high-quality look in a more exciting way than a testimonial. Cons:  For live action, you have to go big or go home. In a world where Star Trek now has 12 movies, people can recognize production value. Worse, they can tell when it isn’t there. Live action videos require actors, a full creative process, and much, much more to make it look the way you want. Expect to spend more if this is what you want to see.   All in all, all of these are good option. It just depends on what you are selling and what your customers care about. Take some time to think about who they are and what is going to convince them to buy what you’re selling.   To see samples of all of these videos, check out our YouTube channel here.


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