Benefits of On-Campus Housing in 2022

College provides students with many opportunities to become more independent and marks an exciting transition into adulthood. When going off to college, students are faced with a very real question: Where am I going to live? Whether a student is from the area or from out of state, they have probably looked into student housing. With all of the student housing options today, why wouldn’t you want to try it out?


Part of the college experience is meeting new people. Student housing is specifically designed to foster interactions between groups of people. Many student housing buildings, whether or not the University directly owns them, schedule different social gatherings throughout the year. They usually range from meet-and-greets to themed hall parties, and are a great way to meet new people. Along with these scheduled gatherings, many buildings also have rec rooms with couches and TVs, games, and sometimes cooking areas. It’s not all fun and games though. Student housing buildings also have specific study areas that are designed to encourage students to meet with classmates and get homework done together. From social parties to study parties, there are always opportunities to meet new students.


Student housing is purposefully placed to be at the heart of student life. They are close to the University, if not on University grounds, and are near all of the on- and off-campus activities. -Sleeping in? Students can wake up and get to class in a short amount of time. -Going out to eat? Student housing is close to many of the most popular student eateries. -Having a night on the town? No problem, student hang out spots are close by. Everything is at a student’s disposal.


Most places are close enough that a student can bike to where they need to go. Many college towns are also laid out to accommodate this bike traffic and make it more safe and convenient for students to move safely around the town and the campus. Also, with no car, students do not have to pay for parking. University parking permits cost hundreds of dollars a year. That’s money that a student could be using to buy food or other necessities that are more important than parking. With the money that they have saved from not using a car, students can focus on creating new experiences.


Most student housing buildings come with their rooms already furnished. They have everything that a student needs, from beds to desks. Also, with so many new student housing buildings being built, there are a lot of new, modern finishings that students can enjoy. If a student needs something, but does not have access to it in their room, chances are that one of the building’s meeting spaces provides it. Student housing is an integral part of college. It provides students with a way of meeting and building relationships with other students. With their centralized locations and furnished rooms, students have the opportunity to create lasting memories, all while having a comfortable and convenient place to live.

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