Gold Mount vs V-Mount

camera showing the gold mount vs v mount battery options

There is a long-standing debate between camera buffs about which battery mount is best. Many swear by Anton Bauer’s gold mount, while others prefer Sony’s v-mount. You’ll often see arguments about which mount type is best, and why. If you’re unsure what the difference is between the two, the following review will help you understand. While both have their own benefits, which one you choose to use will ultimately come down to your own preferences for your personal camera gear.

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Gold Mount

Gold Mount


Created in the 1970s by Anton Bauer, gold mount systems are a favorite amongst American cinematographers and video production companies. Prior to the creation of this mount type, camera operators and DPs were struggling to find a good system for battery use and storage. The gold mount proved to be a gamechanger for crews.

Gold mounts are loved by many due to their horizontal locking methods. They utilize three gold pins to lock into the camera. Plenty of operators claim that this ensures the battery will be far less likely to accidentally unlatch from the camera.

While this may be true, gold mount is still only primarily used in America. As Americans rave about their beloved gold mount batteries, much of the rest of the world still prefers v-mounts.


V Mount



The v-mount battery system was created after Anton Bauer released the gold mount by Sony. Instead of the gold mount’s round pin system, the v-mount utilizes “v-shaped” pins. These batteries lock straight into the back of the camera.

Since v-mounts do not lock horizontally like gold mounts, there have been complaints from some operators about unlatching. This unlatching phenomenon tends to happen in situations featuring a lot of camera movement, such as using a gimbal or shoulder rig. The unlatching could be a result of faulty tripod mounts or the accidental press of an eject button, as even more operators swear by the stability of the v-mount.

V-mounts are widely used in Asia and Europe, making this battery type a worthy contender to gold mounts.

Determining What Works for You


Both types of mounts, in the end, are incredibly useful systems for battery locking. While fans of either type will make plenty of claims about why their preferred product is best, much of the proof they provide is based completely on their own experiences. When it comes down to it, both are sound pieces of equipment. In terms of technology and innovation, they are both neck-and-neck as engineers continue to improve both products continuously. There truly is no “better” option between the two, as they will both get the job done well.

If you are on the fence about which mount you’d like to use, you can always visit a rental house. Ensure that the place you visit has both options available, as you can test the two out before making a decision. This will help a lot as you decide which one to purchase. Not only will this test help you decide on your preference for mount type in general, it will also allow you to determine which manufacturing brand you like best.


In the event that you’re not planning on purchasing your own mount at all, you can always rent both types for different productions! This could be the best way to really test them out and see which mount type you personally prefer. In the end, the type of mount you use on your productions is completely up to you – and really comes all down to your own personal preference! Whether you choose the gold mount or v-mount, both are well-loved options that are sure to perform well on any project you use them for!


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