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“How do these companies make such great videos? How can I possibly afford to create video content for our marketing?” Well have no fear, the Video Sensei is here! Video content doesn’t have to be exclusive to the super wealthy corporations and billion dollar businesses. In fact, studies show that video made by small businesses can improve customer confidence exponentially. But what If I can’t afford a million dollar marketing budget? You can try to make the video yourself – nothing wrong with that! But with zero experience and a steep learning curve, chances are that you will spend more time on the videos than they are worth. And even then, the video will probably look like it came from an amateur – because it did! Luckily, the internet comes to the rescue! There are lots of free resources online that will help you create good video content for your use. These tools will make it as easy and simple as possible. WeVideo Well it’s not Spielberg, but it’s a good video! This free video editor lets you drag and drop video and pictures into a homemade video for you to use. Thumbnails make it easy to choose a style for your video and create  a vivid look. Processing is simple and easy. The only downside is a lack of versatility. With simplicity comes limitations, and WeVideo will never live up to the its professional-grade competitors. You can only select the style options available and have no options to change the video beyond simple drag and drop. But If you need quick content, this site might be right for you.   Animoto

This is an easy and slick creator that will take video and photos and create a highly stylized montage from them. Animoto will add music, transitions and titles to your video and make your job a breeze. themes include everything from westerns to weddings, even covering most major holidays. Animoto will automatically choose music for you as well.

Animoto is not made for fine-tuning. It will select when your video ends, how the transitions will go, and all the details of your video. You have little choice in how things are arranged. Also, Animoto will only give you a 30 second video without signing up for one of their paid memberships, so unless you want to pay for it, better get used to short videos. Venngage OK I know what you’re going to say…. this is not a video program. But hear me out! Venngage lets you create beautiful infographics based on your data. simply click on the template and graphic you want, then fill in the number and Venngage does the rest. Once you have your infographic, it is easy to drop this into any video editor, add some movements and zooms, and voila! informative video. Sure the thing isn’t moving, but it will definitely work in a pinch! These resources are a great way to get video content when you can’t afford a professional. All of them are free (or at least have free versions) and are easy and intuitive to use. All can help you create a video in 15 minutes or less. Don’t fool yourself though: while these tools can be very helpful, they will never live up to the work of a real, live editor. If you want your video to live up to the highest, you need to hire a professional.


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