Kris Allen Shoot

What can I say, it has been a very busy last few weeks. After wrapping our shoot with PetSmart, we booked 2 more shoots this past week. We shot a piece for AOL as well as a video for Kris Allen and Kids Star USA with Strand from New York. Preparing for the shoot was a little hectic, but we pulled it off. The whole goal was to surprise the winner of the Kids Star USA contest, Kianna, by pretending to be with a local News Station doing a “Day in the Life” piece. This way, we would throw her off from the big surprise – that she actually won and that Kris Allen was there to congratulate her. This was a very big day for Kianna and a great start to her music career. We did a 3-camera HD shoot using a Master Series SteadiCam. Everything went extremely well and the client was very happy. Kris Allen was amazing to work with and is extremely talented. Once we have the finished edit available, we will post it on our blog. ’till then… Thank you. Point in Time StudiosKris Allen Photoshoot | Point In Time Studios | Phoenix, Arizona


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