Lights, Camera, YouTube: How to convert YouTube into Sales!

For those of who who missed our presentation last week at AZIMA, I have uploaded the full presentation here. Just click on the below link to download the slides as a .pdf. /AZIMAPresentation.pdf For those of who you are in the Digital Advertising world, whether you own your own agency or you work in the Video Marketing Department of your company, these slides will help give you some ammunition for you Client’s / Boss, when they ask Why Video? Do I really need to be on YouTube? Really, what’s the point??? Well, as you can see in this presentation, YouTube video can have a profound effect on both your brand and sales! Video is here to stay and will continue to evolve. Even as we speak, Google is working on developing some new YouTube assets that will be geared toward Business. We will be posting a small video segment of my presentation in the next week. If you would like setup a 1 hour FREE consultation ($500 value), call us at 480.237.1267 x1. We are also available to present to your local Association or Executive Team on the Power of Video Advertising. Thank you. Rami Kalla Owner / Founder Point in Time Studios 480.237.1267 x1


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