Marketing Strategies for the Modern Consumer: Virtual Reality Marketing in 2023

Virtual reality (VR) continues to be a game-changer for businesses in 2023, allowing organizations of all sizes to connect with consumers in innovative and immersive ways by providing memorable experiences that traditional marketing methods can’t match.

A recent study by Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience found that VR experiences led to a 27% increase in emotional engagement and a 34% increase in recall compared to 2D experiences. This demonstrates the power of VR to create impactful interactions that capture consumers’ attention and increase brand loyalty.

Here are six ways to utilize cutting-edge VR marketing applications for enhanced customer engagement:

  1. Enhanced Virtual Product Demonstrations: In an age where online shopping dominates, VR can take product demonstrations to the next level. Businesses can let customers explore their products in a virtual setting, offering a closer look at features and functionalities in 3D, far exceeding what 2D images or videos can offer. From inspecting the details of a new tech gadget to virtually trying on fashion items, VR ensures an immersive and interactive shopping experience that can drive purchase decisions.
  1. 3D Virtual Tours and Experiences: With travel and real estate markets rebounding, VR offers new opportunities to engage customers. Businesses can provide virtual tours, transporting prospective clients to different locations or properties, fostering a sense of presence, and facilitating informed decisions. From virtually exploring a vacation destination, a hotel suite, or a real estate property, VR provides a lifelike experience that can spur bookings and sales.
  1. Next-Level Gamified Brand Experiences: VR gamification is transforming brand interactions, creating fun and memorable experiences that drive customer engagement. Whether it’s branded VR games or interactive storytelling experiences, businesses can use these playful interactions to increase brand recall and deepen customer connections.
  1. Virtual Reality Events and Conferences: As remote and hybrid work has become the norm, VR has evolved as an attractive solution for virtual events and conferences. Businesses can host VR events that allow global participation, recreating the sense of a physical gathering with virtual exhibition halls, networking spaces, and interactive sessions. These VR events provide unique opportunities for brand exposure, product presentations, and wider audience engagement.
  1. Immersive Brand Storytelling: VR enables businesses to create emotionally rich brand stories that resonate with the audience. Whether it’s highlighting humanitarian efforts, showcasing sustainability initiatives, or sharing the company’s growth journey, VR provides a more engaging and impactful storytelling platform. It helps foster deeper connections, enhance brand loyalty, and distinguish your brand from the competition.
  1. Interactive Virtual Showrooms: For businesses with expansive product lines, interactive virtual showrooms offer an effective solution. These virtual spaces simulate physical shopping experiences, letting customers explore, customize, and interact with products. VR not only offers a visually stunning display but also empowers customers to make informed purchase decisions.


As 2023 unfolds, VR continues to redefine the marketing ecosystem, offering a multitude of immersive and innovative pathways to connect with customers. From enhanced product demonstrations and 3D tours to gamified brand experiences, VR events, immersive storytelling, and interactive showrooms, VR serves as a leading platform to engage and captivate modern consumers.

Fortune Business Insights estimates that the VR market is projected to reach $57.55 billion by 2027. With high expectations for this technology to continue to grow, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our clients and virtual reality.   Want to learn more about how to use VR for marketing? Get in touch with the Point in Time Studios team today!


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