New WaterProof HD Kodak Camera

Let us start off by saying that Kodak has not asked us to endorse this product in anyway and Point in Time Studios is getting zero financial benefit by posting this in our Blog. As long-time Film Producers, we always get excited when new video technologies come on the market and we wanted to share this with everyone. This little pocket camera by Kodak will shoot HD, 720p and it’s Waterproof! It’s also supposedly very sturdy and can withstand reasonable falls and dust. It is only 85 grams and has a 2-inch LCD display with HDMI out, pop-out USB 2.0 and an SD card slot expandable up to 32GB. It is slatted to come out in mid to late October at $120 for the black version, and $100 for the white one. Of course this will Never replace High Quality Video Production, but it’s a great extra toy to have during the summer with the family or friends! For more information check out: Kodak

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