Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard: What are the differences?

Since virtual reality hit the market, many different devices have been released letting consumers experience the world of VR. Let’s compare two of the most popular lower and higher-end VR headsets, the Google Cardboard and the Oculus Rift.


[spacer height=”100″] 14226346366 2724d45aa4 z [spacer height=”50″] Rift is integrated with Xbox One and can turn 2D games into a 3D experience. Many AAA rated games are also starting to release versions that support Rift. Besides Xbox One, users should also have Rift compatible PC with ultra-high computing capabilities. A standard Mac will not be powerful enough to handle its high computing demands. [spacer height=”100″][spacer height=”50″] Cardboard is compatible with virtually every smartphone. You just have to make sure that you get the right size to fit your phone. You can use many phone games and apps, including Google Earth and YouTube with Cardboard. It can also be used with apps developed for other VR smartphone-compatible headsets.


[spacer height=”100″]   rift-v-cardboard-blog-pic [spacer height=”50″] The Oculus Rift has a 2160 x 1200 resolution screen that is capable of zooming without getting blurry. Along with its high resolution, it also has a very low, 20ms latency that makes for almost no lag in between the viewer’s head movement and the screen-adjusted movement. The headset is lightweight and adjustable to fit perfectly on the viewer’s head. It also comes with 360-degree recorded sound, completely immersing the viewer in the VR experience. [spacer height=”100″] Google Cardboard [spacer height=”50″] To address the problem of VR induced nausea, Google decided to make their headset a handheld, which also makes up for the Cardboard’s relatively slow 75ms latency. Cardboard uses 40-45mm focal distance lenses to distort your phone’s screen into a VR experience. Since Cardboard uses your phone’s screen, the resolution is dependent on the quality of the phone being used. Although their design is simple, they have some unique features. Cardboard comes with an NFC chip used for wireless data transfer – automatically launching the Cardboard app when the phone is in the headset. Another feature is the magnet on the side of the headset that, when pressed, uses the phone’s magnetometer to control the screen.


[spacer height=”100″][spacer height=”50″] Rift is a more sophisticated piece of virtual reality headset that is best suited for gaming and those who want a completely immersive experience. [spacer height=”100″] 33207614705 65240f9893 z [spacer height=”50″] Cardboard is great for those who are dabbling in the world of VR and want to experience some phone games in 3D or feel like you’re at a map destination in Google Maps.


Oculus Rift’s price is $599, which is a good price for all of the technology that comes along with it. To go along with the headset, you need to have an Oculus-compatible PC, which along with the increased computing power, comes at an increased price. In contrast, Google Cardboard is the most affordable VR tech, besides making your own version of Cardboard, costing around $20. If you are new to the VR market and want to test it out, this is the way to go! Also, with so many manufacturers of Cardboard and different designs, you are sure to find something that fits your style. [spacer height=”100″] pexels photo 936575 [spacer height=”50″] If you are a VR novice, are unsure if you’ll be affected by VR nausea, or just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get your VR fix, start out with Google Cardboard. Once you want to advance to a truer virtual reality experience, Oculus Rift will be worth the money.

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