The Passing of Greatness: Steve Jobs

We all suffered a great loss yesterday with the passing of Steve Jobs. Everyone knew him as an Innovator of all that is electronic and creative. Of course, he will be remembered for what he contributed with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. But for creative professionals, such as ourselves, he was much more than that. When I left my career at General Mills 9 years ago to begin Point in Time Studios, my first purchase was a G4 Mac Computer. This was the start of it all. I knew that with that Mac in my hand, I could go on to be the creative person that I always dreamed. It was an exciting moment. Steve Jobs made the tools attainable for aspiring creatives. Up until that point, if you wanted to be a filmmaker, you would have to purchase equipment and software worth tens of thousands of dollars. But with Final Cut Pro and a Mac computer, you could do just about anything, at a reasonable budget. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, I don’t know that I would have had the guts to go out on my own and start my company almost 9 years ago. He made that possible and I am eternally grateful. You will be sorely missed. Rami Kalla President Point in Time Studios

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