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Virtual Reality (VR) Gift Ideas for 2022


Having trouble finding the perfect gifts for the VR or video enthusiast in your life? Here are some great gift ideas that’ll put a smile on their face and yours!


Virtual Reality Headsets


Google Cardboard: $15.00

This is a great, inexpensive VR option. There are hundreds of apps that are compatible with the Cardboard, perfect for people new to VR. Also one of the best features of this economical headset is that there are so many Cardboard cases you can choose from, so there is bound to be a look that suits everyone’s taste.

Merge AR/VR Headset

Merge VR/AR Goggles: $49.99

The Merge VR Goggles are unique in that they do not have a hard, plastic exterior; instead, it is made out of soft foam, making it light and comfortable. This headset also has an adjustable strap and lenses, and lets you interact with your VR content through two buttons located on the headset. These added features make the Merge VR Goggles a step up from the base Cardboard model. One more cool feature is that these goggles can also be used for augmented reality. All you have to do is take off the front window and use the goggles with the Merge Cube app while holding the Cube in your hand.


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Merge Cube: $19.99


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Google Daydream View – VR Headset: $99.99

This VR headset is as easy to use as the Cardboard, but has an added level of comfort and styling. The Daydream View works with any Daydream-ready smartphone, such as Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8, Moto Z, and Moto Z2. One of the more popular gifts for VR or video enthusiast.

Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

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Oculus Go (32GB) Standalone VR Headset: $198.98

This virtual reality headset is portable and easy to use, with its all-in-one experience. It has built in spacial audio and a 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 HD display. Choose from over 1,000 shows, movies, games, and apps to download onto your Go.



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Sony PlayStation VR: $299.99 – $395.99

With the PlayStation VR headset, you do not use your phone as the screen. It has a 5.4 inch OLED display, as well as 3D audio, and works with the original PS4. You can buy the headset separately, or you can get bundle packages with your favorite PS4 games. You operate the headset by plugging it into your PS4 console along with a PlayStation camera.


Playstation Virtual Reality Bundle
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Sony PlayStation VR Bundles: $625


Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headset
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Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality System: $399.00

The Oculus Rift S is a high-end VR headset and is best for people who have some VR experience, since it is more expensive and requires a powerful computer to operate the Rift. This system has paddle controllers for navigation and built-in on-ear headphones for audio, making the user’s experience more immersive. VR games for the Rift can be purchased through the Oculus Store or through Steam.  


HTC VIVE Cosmos Headset
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HTC Vive Cosmos Virtual Reality System: $599.00

This is the newest VR system that HTC has released. The six cameras create wide tracking field-of-view allows the wearer to walk around the room instead of having to stay stationary. Also, the Vive’s system is so powerful that there is virtually no lag between the user’s movements and the display, a problem that many other VR headsets have, and one that has been known to make VR users nauseous. Like the Oculus Rift, you will also need a powerful computer to operate this headset. You will receive 6 months of unilited VR play through Viveport.


360-Degree Cameras


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360fly 360° HD Video Camera: $69.65

This camera lets you shoot 360-degree video with a 1504 x 1504 resolution, 32 GB internal memory, and 2+ hours of battery life. It also comes with free 360fly director apps for your iPhone or Android and a desktop device to allow for easy camera operation, editing and sharing your videos directly to social media. The 360fly also allows you to transform your 360-degree footage into VR experiences. Another important feature of this camera is its durability; it’s dustproof, shockproof, and water-resistant.


Courtesy of: Ricoh Theta

Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera: $171.03 – $274.97

This camera shoots 360-degree Spherical Panorama images and videos up to 3 minutes in length. The many Ricoh Theta mobile and desktop apps allow the user to change the size, shape, and composition of their photo or video. You can also share those photos or videos and social media with the camera’s wireless sharing. Finally, the Ricoh Theta M15 is equipped with an SDK, allowing users to develop their own Ricoh Theta apps.

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Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Premier Pack VR Camera: $189.00 – $299.00

This camera shoots ultra-high-resolution photos and 4k videos, which can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook utilizing their 360-degree video function. This camera also has a 235-degree field of view and ultra-wide lens, which is different from the 360fly and Ricoh Theta cameras. Like the other two cameras, the Kodak PIXPRO SP360 can be controlled wirelessly by your iPhone or Android with the Smart Device App. This package also includes the PIXPRO Desktop Editing Software Included for both Mac and PC.


This blog is the first in our “Gift Ideas” series. We hope you found some great gifts for the virtual reality or 360-degree video enthusiast in your life!

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